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Blood flow Asymptotic behavior Hamilton-Jacobi equation Optimisation de forme Partial differential equations Stability Population dynamics Boundary conditions Gradient flow Finite volume scheme Modeling Grenoble Kinetic equations Finite elements Control Domain decomposition methods Fluid-structure interaction Uncertainty quantification Numerical simulation Numerical analysis Imaging in complex media Contact Wave equation Error estimates A posteriori error estimate Modélisation General relativity Computational fluid dynamics Inverse problems Shells Domain decomposition Dimension reduction Chemotaxis A posteriori error estimates Elasticity Existence Adaptive evolution Pontryagin maximum principle Mathematical modeling Mathematical biology Analyse asymptotique Data assimilation Reaction-diffusion equations Integro-differential equations Null controllability Finite volume Asymptotic analysis Optimal control Controllability Navier-Stokes equations Shape optimization Finite element Calculus of variations Boltzmann equation Asymptotics Level set method Cardiac electrophysiology Maxwell equations Nonlinear elasticity FreeFem++ Mean field games Hyperbolic systems Tumor growth Viscosity solutions Gamma-convergence Heat equation Traveling waves Finite volumes Stabilization Hamilton-Jacobi equations Décomposition de domaine Observability Cell division cycle Backstepping Homogenization Schrödinger equation Discontinuous Galerkin Numerical methods Neural networks Interaction fluide-structure Hemodynamics Periodic homogenization Cell population dynamics Finite volume method Inverse problem Structured populations Analyse numérique Transport equation Linear elasticity Gross-Pitaevskii equation Convergence Optimization Cancer Incompressible fluid Mesh adaptation Free surface flows Finite element method Relaxation Numerical simulations Maximum principle